Virtual Construction


Virtual Construction Design - Multi Discipline BIM

Use Power of BIM and Computing

Not just a design model, use the 3d model for the site management and overall design and construction management

Manage the project better

Aware of project deadlines and make every one work in 3d for better understanding instead of relying age old 2d drawings and print outs.

Multi-discipline BIM

Integrated BIM with Architectural, Structural & Services. Helps great for project efficient design management  and coordination. Parametric and highly iterative models for frequent design changes.

Visualise, Collaborate and Manage

Design and Site management

Models used with controls of design changes, revisions and time schedule. Highly interactive model for visualise

Models Integrated with timeline for construction progress monitoring

Collaborate Easily

Collaborate with ease on virtual, not just drawings and reports. Large team with with ease.


BIM 4D- See How it Works

BIM Model has integrated with the construction timeframe to monitor the overall project timeframe, this helps the design and construction team to better understand the project tasks.