Construction Technology Services

Bringing together range of services using hardware, software and Industry Tech experts.

Building Performance Monitor

Our Building design expertise and in-house tech experts will help to monitor performance of buildings covering energy efficiency, occupant comfort, envelope performances etc

Inspections & Diagnosis

We diagnose building for any construction defects or failures using smart tools and techniques which will be complemented by our Building engineering professional with real experiences in design and constructions.

3D Building scan

Preparing construction model from site data, construction progress using state of the art 3D laser scanning and point clouds. The combination of LiDAR Scanning and Point Cloud Technology lead to highly accurate model prepared for assets

Aerial Surveys

Using Drones for Aerial mapping, asset data collections, Inspections, Contruction monitoring. This will help the owner or developers to see the assets and works in real time.

Virtual Construction Designs

Virtual Construction Designs (VCD) for project monitoring, planning and progress checking. Taking BIM to a much higher level, this will greatly help the developers and managers to know the real time progress.