Inspections & Diagnosis


Building Inspections and Diagnosis

drone inspection
building inspections
building inspections
building inspection
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Multi Discipline Expertise

We approach with several disciplines covering wide range of construction issues like failures, material defects, etc,.

Drones for Inspections

We are not a Drone Company, we are a building specialist uses technologies to maximise values of our services. We use technology for building inspections, Drones are used for initial surveys, collecting Geophysical informations, these data will help to identify key defects which will then be detailed inspected by our specialists.

Smarter way of Inspections

We don’t rely on old age visual checking which is rely on adhoc judgement, we bring the systematic procedural checking using high tech tools and instrumentations.

Diagnosis and Offering Solutions

Using our Construction Expertise

Our in-house and international network of construction expertise who can analyse our data and suggest solutions, for the client it’s one stop solutions

Focus on Specialists Aspects

We focus on diagnosis of defects arising due to materials, environmental damages, construction defects, fatigue etc..

Our discipline covers durability, failures, conditional assessment.

  • Building Performance Failures
  • Material Failures
  • Recommendations and Solutions