Building Performance Monitor


Performane Monitor Buildings - Multi Discipline aspects


Existing Building Performance

Our Building design expertise and in-house tech experts will help to monitor performance of buildings covering energy efficiency, occupant comfort, envelope performances etc,.

Using Tech Gadgets

Our Team use all latest state of the art tools and techniques such as sensors, data loggers and various monitoring devices. We can monitor for days to weeks to get the building data which will then analysed for performances.

We check performances covering wide range of aspects such as Structural vibrations, movements, energy efficiency, Occupant comforts, Internal Air Quality, etc,.

Multi Discipline Monitoring

  • Energy Efficiency

    Check the building for energy efficiency in real conditions, using our tools and techniques that can collect various data and use our analysis skills to advise the building owners

  • Occupants Comfort

    Measure various parameters such as thermal comforts, internal air quality, noise levels, etc,. to potentially improve the users efficiency.

  • Building Envelope Conditions

    Check the efficiency of envelope / facade for possible air leakages which will impact on HVAC and check excessive heat transfers and discomforts.

  • Material Performances

    Identify risk of material failures and identify immediate and long term maintenance of replacements due to failures or material degradations. This is covering envelopes and main structural components of the buildings

Using Smart Techniques

Not a Traditional approach

Our team adopt combination of traditional expertise supported with latest tech and tools. Hence we don’t just rely on visual judgement or any individual assessment.

Multi discipline approach 

We analyse several disciplines which will help upgrading, retrofitting and identify long terms defects of the buildings.

Our tech experts and field engineers rely on modern tech and tools to get reliable data from the site, these details are detailed investigated at desk study.  Our recommendations are based on scientific study of particular building problems, hence we strive to give best solutions to our clients.