Aerial Surveys


High Accuracy Aerial Survey


Drones for Inspections

Our Building specialists use drones for quicker surveys and identity defects and failures. Drones used to collect Geophysical informations and building close ups with high resolution images which will help to identify key defects,  then our specialists carry out detailed inspections.

How are we Different

We use Human Skills ie,. Using our Construction Expertise with experiences on building design, performances and defects. Our in-house and international network of construction expertise who can analyze our data and suggest solutions, for the client it’s one stop solutions.

Best use of Human Experts + Technologies + Computers

3D Lidar Scanning

Scan to 3D BIM 

High accuracy building model with rich information created from the existing assets

Point Cloud to 3D Model

Point clouds are captured with “mm” accuracies for creating as-built data and for reverse engineering.

Virtual Viewer

Our in-house developed tools helps to understand and visualise the problems, not  just drone images. We provide rich engineering information and insights of our clients problems