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Highly Affordable and quality Solutions, fractional cost of other leading applications

Software / Apps

Construction application (software) for Engineers, Architect, Construction Managers, Site Personals etc,. Applications are developed by real users with most practical and intuitive ideas. These applications are aimed to improve the overall efficiency and workflow of the construction team.

Virtual Construction Design - Multi Discipline BIM

Integrated BIM with Architectural, Facades, Structural & MEP Services. Helps great for project efficient design management  and coordination. Parametric and highly iterative models for frequent design changes.

Building Inspections & Monitoring

Building Performance monitoring including thermal comforts, energy efficiencies, Occupant comforts etc,. Using specialist sensors, data loggers, scanners and using all types tech gadgets to monitor and audit performances in real time. To help the building operators to understand the performance and identify building upgradation.

Drones, Aerial Surveys, 3D Building Scan

Smart building inspection using Drone with our building specialists and expertise. We are not a Drone Company, rather we produce most useful data and provide high quality observations on existing buildings inspections.

Why Choose Us?

We are group of engineers, technology experts, integrators and real time field users with greater experiences on construction field.
  • Construction Tech experts
  • Building Engineers & Specialists
  • Technology testers and adopters
  • Multi discipline experts
  • Adopt Tech gadgets
  • Software & Hardware Experts

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